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Scheana on Her Shocking Birthday

Scheana discusses her birthday drama with the girls and the outrageous boyfriend brawl between Shay and Schwartz.

By Scheana Shay

First of all, no one seemed to understand the severity of my surgery. Not only did I have my front tooth extracted but I also had a huge infection that began to spread through my body. I was days away from being hospitalized and I needed an emergency extraction and the infection cleared out. When I woke up, I had a tooth just bonded in my mouth, which was not only extremely uncomfortable and unstable but it didn't look as perfect as my teeth were my entire life.

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Brandi likes to poke fun at me to make herself feel better? Or what? I'm not sure. But to attack my physical appearance and something I am very self conscious of is just a dick move. I'm sorry I slept with your husband seven years ago, but might I add he was the asshole who lied and broke vows, not me! For Brandi to say it's "karma" is just ignorant. The definition of karma is "what goes around comes around." So because I slept with a married man seven years ago I somehow deserve to have an accident where my two front teeth are knocked out? That's equivalent to me saying her dog was stolen as a result of something she did in the past that was shameful. Makes ZERO sense!!!
I was so upset Stassi didn't call me because she was there the night I fell. She was the ONLY one there with me that night. She saw how devastating and traumatizing this was for me. It wasn't just a trip to the dentist where I got a f---ing toothbrush and lollipop. I was out for six-and-a-half hours. We didn't know if the infection was able to be cleared out all the way or how many more surgeries I would need to fix the problem. It wasn't just a cavity I had filled or a routine cleaning. It was a huge deal and instead of just sending a simple text that takes five seconds she decided to go out with everyone that night to a taping of Dancing With The Stars, which is filmed across the street from my apartment.

These girls are NOT my best friends and never will be. I'm not desperate for their friendship. I'm a good person who likes to get along with the people I work with on a daily basis. It's not hard to be a compassionate person and check on someone who was there for you when no one else was. Stassi had no friends last winter except me. We hung out all the time and talked almost everyday so for her to not even acknowledge my surgery was a slap in the face.

My birthday party was a s--- show! The day started out nice, but slowly became annoying. I only sat down to talk to Stassi because it was also Pandora's birthday and I didn't want any awkward tension at the table. Her apology was crap! I accepted it to keep the peace, but obviously, it wasn't genuine. If she was genuinely sorry or felt the slightest bit bad she would've apologized weeks before I asked for it. I don't understand how some girls can be just so cruel.

Going into the night, not only did Katie make fun of my singing, she also said she didn't like me. If you don't like me then why are you at my birthday party??? I never would've invited them to my party, but it was a joint birthday with Pandora so we kind of had to.

Kristen somehow became the topic at our lunch because neither of us wanted her at our party.The fact that she was so disrespectful to Lisa shocked me! I'm also the type of girl to stand up for myself and speak up, but there is a certain level of respect you have to have for the person who signs your paychecks! She deserved to be suspended and she's lucky she didn't get fired.

Kristen and I had been friends for years, which is how I even know Katie and Stassi outside of SUR. She was the only one to have my back when I came to SUR and was always a great friend to me, but we all had a falling out when no one cared to call me when I was recovering. If you don't care about my well being then I don't care to be friends with you.

I wasn't even shocked at how she acted at my party because she gets very defensive when it comes to Katie and Stassi and their little threesome. It was my birthday. I was in an amazingly happy mood. The only reason I've tried to be their friend is because at one point, I really did like these girls and we all work together. It's so much easier to just get along when you're around someone all the time, but clearly they don't need a fourth wheel to their trio.        

I was however insanely shocked by what happened with Shay and Schwartz.  I still am to this day. I've never seen Shay so emotional and upset --  it scared me. The night of my party, I didn't see what happened so I was so clueless as to why they were fighting. The guys were sticking up for their girls and I couldn't be more proud of him for having my back. There was too much alcohol involved on both ends because Shay and Schwartz have always been such good friends. To top it off, we live together. We are together every day. He saw how hard my recovery was and how much it bothered me that no one other than Jax simply texted me, wishing me well or checking on me after. End of story.

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