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Our Producer Shares Tom's Hair Secrets

And shares about how that Katie/Tom confession really went down -- and who failed at tray passing.

Whoa town! This episode is jammed packed with curve balls! Stassi and Kristen meet up, Jax goes to therapy again and Schwartz drops a bomb on Katie!


But before the bombs drop, see how Katie does Tom's hair. Fun fact: Katie styles Schwartz's hair for all his castings. Schwartz was inspired by Sandoval's saying which is "as long as your face and hair look good that's all that matters." So Katie is the master of making Schwartz's hair look so good. When Katie isn't styling Tom’s hair he does not comb or wash it. Schwartz calls it the greasy look. Check out Tom becoming a member of the flat iron club HERE. 


All our boys love a good flat iron. What can I say?


Jax might have a new nose but this doesn't mean he's keeping his nose clean of trouble. Does Jax miss his old nose?! Watch him spend a tender moment with his former schnoz HERE.


The time has come. Stassi and Kristen sit down for brunch. I remember thinking, "how is this going to go?" Surprisingly it was OK. Of course Kristen has to gossip and Stassi has to stick up for her friends -- but no one slapped anyone! They enjoyed a delish Venezuelan brunch in Beverly Hills with a bottle or two of wine. Their initial thoughts after the meet up were: Kristen was surprised how peaceful the brunch was (she didn't leave in tears!). Stassi didn't know what to believe. Was Kristen telling her the truth? Kristen was just so convincing. What do you think? Watch an extended version of their lunch HERE


Time out! for a random #PumpRules fun fact. Sometimes the boys pound out a quick set of push-ups. Why? This pumps the guys muscles up so they look the most fresh and toned. It's a modeling secret that the boys can't resist doing. Here's Sandoval doing a quick set.



Katie had a tough night at SUR, that's for sure. I had no idea Schwartz was going to admit to what he did. It's times like these where I am every bit as surprised as the SURvers. Katie looked over with a heart-breaking "What just happened" face.


On a happier note, see Katie and Kristina Kelly on a break in the back of SUR doing cast impressions before Tom arrived.



You know what's a good time? Having to tray-pass with your buddy after he has just thrown you under the bus. All in a day's work in the land of #PumpRules. Jax and Schwartz had to pass champagne and apps for Lisa at PUMP, and needless to say, they were not amused. Tray passing apparently for bar tenders is the lowest of the low! The 50 Gay Mayors party was packed! So packed that Jax spilled his tray of drinks and happened to spill on a customer. On the other hand, Sandoval and Schwartz worked the room like pros. 


All this drama has Scheana in a spin!



Until next week. . .


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