Scheana Is Happy Katie's Free

Scheana Is Happy Katie's Free

Scheana is glad Katie is out from Stassi's reign and thinks Jax's texting so many girls is gross.

How do the SURvers really feel about what goes in (and outside) of the restaurant? Each week we're asking the 'Vanderpump Rules' cast to tell you how they really feels about all the infighting, hookups, drama, and backstabbing. Get a closer look at how the felt about the biggest moments and blow ups by watching the video blog below -- or scroll down to read a full transcription.


Scheana's Vlog: Katie's Finally Free

Hi I'm Scheana Marie and welcome to my video blog.

When I walked into my suite, I was speechless. I'm just like, "How is this my room?" I mean -- the living room, the two bedrooms, the bathtub, the bathroom, the closet -- everything was so awesome.

When she said "motorboat a d" I didn't know if Katie was going to have a sense of humor about that or if she was going to say "Oh my god seriously?" And she laughed about it. and it was great. And now that Katie and I are cool again, all of these things we had been fighting over all summer are now just comical, which is great because it has made my life so much easier and full of less drama.

When I heard Katie telling Kristen that Stassi's really mad at her for coming on this trip I felt bad. But at the same time, I'm kind of like "You are free!" You're now not under Stassi's reign. You don't have to do what she says. You are your own person. You can do what makes you happy.

The boat ride I think was probably one of the best things out of the entire trip. We just all let loose and had so much fun. I've literally never just gone outside in the rain, let my hair down, and just danced and had fun.

Jax is incapable of only ever texting one girl at a time because even if he's dating one girl, there's still "Blonde NYC" and "Redhead Chicago" and "Girl From Miami Two Years Ago." He still tells these girls that he wants them to have his babies. Like gross.

I think the guys left James on purpose. I don't think it was an accident like "Oops where's James?" Clearly Tom and Jax knew what they were doing. But I kind of felt bad for James showing up by himself because he was definitely the outcast of this trip.

Why not kill two birds with one stone and have the guy give me his underwear and then I signed his ass? I did it. I didn't enjoy it. but you know check, check, I'm just checking them off the list.

I'm Scheana Marie and thank you for watching my video blog.


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