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Scheana: Stassi's Not the Girl I Knew

Scheana clears up her "BFF tattoo" with Kristen and can't get over Stassi's sense of entitlement.

By Scheana Shay

Let's begin with the tattoo -- the tattoo that in no way or form is a "best friend" tattoo. Kristen and I were at an event that Shay and James were DJ-ing last spring. There was an open bar set up right around the corner from the free tattoo booth. Having several tattoos myself, I guess you can say I'm addicted. I already had a few more planned since I got my "It's all happening" tattoo last summer. One of those was music related. Kristen wanted to get a treble clef and I was like "Oh, great idea! I want to get one of those too." I thought about a music note on the back of my ear but I already have my hummingbird there so I decided on a treble clef, which also looks like an S (for Shay AKA my music lover husband. Get it?). Since I love my "it's all happening" tattoo so much, I wanted to do something close to that area. We posted a picture after and big deal. We have similar interests. We both love music. Moving on. . .

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How awkward was the interaction with Stassi and Ariana by the way? Just goes to show what a strong, mature, trusting an independent woman Ariana is. Unlike Stassi, she's okay with her friends being friends with people she isn't fond of because she trusts their judgment -- my judgment. One of the things I love most about Ariana is just that. She could've been a total bitch about me being friends with Kristen again but she wasn't. She trusted me and knows I would never do anything to hurt or betray her.

Now, Jax. Nose. Best. Oh my God, I was dying laughing when I saw him come out of surgery. When he pet the nurse's face and asked if he was a trooper that was the funniest thing ever! When we went over to his house to check on him he was so helpless it was kind of adorable.


And to the OK Magazine party we go. . .Ariana and I had a joke we decided to play on Tom thinking there was no way Kristen would literally come to our table when we hadn't spoken much since my birthday. All of a sudden Kristen and James come to the table and Ariana and I were like "We were joking when we said that."

Anyway, since they were there we all agreed to let them sit down -- awkward as that was. Before I know it, Tom and Ariana go to the bar, Shay and James are gone and it's just Kristen, a bottle of vodka and myself at the table. Since Stassi decided to come over and be fake nice to us, I decided to return the favor. I played along with it at the table and was extremely confused -- but I can see right through her. She's no longer the genuine girl I once knew. She has this sense of entitlement that I just don't understand. Probably because people like Kristina Kelly worships the ground she walks on and tries so desperately to gain her approval. I mean how pathetic and "mean girl" was Kristina when she was making fun of me? Grow up! So immature. I love how at work she's always nice to my face though. Funny how things like that work. . .


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