Andy Cohen's Craziest Travel Story Ever: “I Was Thinking, This Is How I’m Gonna Die"

Andy Cohen's Craziest Travel Story Ever: “I Was Thinking, This Is How I’m Gonna Die"

Somewhere over the ocean in a private plane, things went very wrong.

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One of the craziest things that ever happened to me while traveling is also completely terrifying.

I was on a little prop plane — just me, a friend, the pilot, and co-pilot. We were attempting to land onto Union Island, which is near Mustique — but the landing gear wouldn’t come down, and we had made four attempts.

I was thinking, "Oh my god, we’re not going to be able to land!" Finally they were manually able to push it down; the co-pilot was on the floor of the plane, like banging the wheels down. It was terrible.

Rather than encouraging us to prepare or brace, they weren’t saying anything to us. They didn’t need to. We were watching. It was obvious we were in trouble.

I was thinking, "This is how I’m gonna die."

Union Island

After manipulating the landing gear, there remained the question of whether the pilots did it right. It was unknown until we attempted the landing and we... landed safely.

Oh my God, I was so happy! I was wet with sweat.

Rather than take a break from flying after that, though, I got back on the horse right away... even after my near-death travel experience!

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