Get Oprah Back to Australia

Get Oprah Back to Australia

Andy Cohen loved Oprah's series of episodes Down Under.

I have been really lax in writing the blog and I'm going to get back into it, if only to get my mom off my back. I don't have a great sense of who reads this outside of her, by the way, so I am just encouraging you to comment below occasionally, so I feel some signs of life. You dig?

I love saying "you dig."

I'm heading to Newark Airport right now, and will be out at a shoot all week. I am psyched to step away from the Manhattan tundra. It is prohibitively cold here! I feel bad for the Jets this morning and don't totally understand why the Post, the hometown paper, has a semi-mean, taunting ("No Supe for You!") headline blaring across the coach's face this morning. Are they trying to piss the fans off even more? 

Please tell me you saw Oprah's trip to Australia! I watched four hours of it on Saturday (Yes, I have a life. I was just trying to relax, OK???) and I loved it. I literally laughed and cried and had my mouth gaping open. That show kills me, and so does she. And I am ready for her to go back to Oz. I wanna see the whole thing again. She screamed 18x to that audience in Sidney "I WILL be BACK AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAAA! THIS is NOT my LAST TRIP to AUSTRALIAAAAAAAA!!!" (That was the nutty part of the show.) What the hell is her family secret, by the way? It had better the hell be worthy of my brain hurting trying to figure it out for the last 37 hours.  

Last night before the show I saw Blue Valentine. Ryan Gosling killed me! I know I'm late to that party, but he is an awesome actor. That movie was deep. Re-la-tion-ships, there's a reason that's a four syllable word. Mm-hmmm.  My only sadness about being in NYC last night was that I missed the Sundance premiere of Sam Levinson's Other Happy Times starring Ellen Barkin. It's all the buzz at Sundance and I am so excited for Ellen. The world needs her on film, on stage, in the Bravo Clubhouse, and in our faces!

Last night (though sad for the Jets), I was anything but pissed because I got to hang out with RuPaul and Miss Lawrence, and be surprised by Sheree. Ru is always such great energy, and it was very sweet hearing his amazing encouragement of Miss Lawrence. Sheree proved herself to be a great friend by shlepping in from Philly to not miss his performance. As it turns out, I kinda love surprises, unlike Oprah. I was not expecting Sheree to be there for "Atlanta or A-Manta," so that added a hilarious wrinkle to the game where the guys had to identify whether body parts were Ladies of Atlanta or A Man (ta). 

Did I mention that Kim and Kroy are on after the finale next Sunday and we're throwing them a baby shower?

Here is the amazing and gossipy After Show from last night with Sheree, Ru, and Lawrence, plus the game. You need to watch the game, people...

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