Joan Collins Rocks Leggings

Joan Collins Rocks Leggings

Andy gushes about one of his favorite divas and talks about Kim's infamous WWHL appearance.


If you ever wanted to see Joan Collins rock a pair of sequin leggings -- and who wouldn't be curious for a moment -- then I suggest you get your arse to see her onstage at Fienstiens at the Regency.

I was there last night with Liam Neeson and John Benjamin Hickey. In addition to Oxygen's Torrey Bell, we ran into Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter, Blaine Trump, Mr. Fienstien himself, and the incredibly amazingly awesome Harper's Bazaar Editor Glenda Bailey.

And so Joan takes the stage in leggings and does over an hour of very witty material about her life in showbiz. It is breezy and fun and glam and wry and Joan. We went back after and she looks as gorgeous as Alexis did on her first day in Denver. Long live Joan Collins, is what I say. Do you join me?

Everyone wants to know what I think about Kim "lying" to me about being pregnant. Well the truth is that she didn't really say one way or the other -- she just played it cool. Clearly she had a paid deal with a gossip mag so she was honoring her commitment. Such is life.

Did you see Bethenny on "Skating with the Stars" last night? I almost didn't recognize her because of the insane makeover that ABC gives everyone before they perform. She was made up and sequined and glossed into another dimension. Once she hit the ice I was pretty amazed that she was doing that well. Who knew? The whole thing was nuts. I enjoyed it, especially when she said, "These scores mean we suck."

I spoke with her this morning and she was hilarious about the whole experience. 

I am heading to St. Louis -- America's most dangerous city -- tonight, I will let you know if I get my genitalia manipulated at the airport.

Hopefully I won't get killed in my hometown. In the meantime, watch Patti and "The Fashion Show" tonight!

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