Let's Go Rangers!

Let's Go Rangers!

Andy Cohen talks about hockey, Lance Bass, and Burlesque.

Tonight is the premiere of Season 3 of Tabatha's Salon Takeover. I LOVE this lady and her show. (We had a great time last night, too.) She's a tough, in-your-face gal who sees big results. She's smart. Check it out!!

I went to a Rangers game yesterday afternoon, and it was a blast. Hockey games are fun, and the Rangers put on a good show, even though they lost. I like watching Sean Avery do anything, ya know? He was on my old online show once and I am thinking we need to get his fine ass on one of our (new) blue chairs in the clubhouse sooner rather than later.

Saturday afternoon I had a dj lesson! I got a program on my computer, and I am figuring it all out in preparation for attempting to do this at Bedlam at some point. I may go after WWHL one night in the next couple weeks and spin for an hour and see what it feels like. 

I saw Burlesque on Saturday night in Chelsea, and it wasn't terrible! In fact I pretty much liked it. I don't get what the hell that club was that seemed to employ about 100 people -- more than a Broadway theater! Anyway, Cher calms me down. I just love having her around and seeing her. And her 11 o'clock number brings down the house! Xtina is pretty good too! 

After the film we had dinner at Lyon which is the brand new French bistro in my 'hood, in the space where Bruxelles was for years and years and years. It's a great location and they were having issues filling up for the last few years; so now this new place opens, and it's really hot and you can't get a table, and I can't help feeling bad for the Bruxelles people. Manhattan Melancholia!

Friday night was this big gay Toys for Tots party. I went with Lance Bass, and I gotta tell you, that kid is the nicest person you could ever meet. And calm and mellow and just a really good guy. He has fantastic stories, too -- as you might imagine. He has all the boyband lore. 

On that note, do you think that a good dj name for me is DJ AC Chasez? I think it is hilar. My friend who actually IS an incredible dj made that up.

Here's the After Show from last night!

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