Lisa Whelchel's Blog

Lisa Whelchel's Blog

Andy Cohen bores himself with tales from his weekend.

I am cramming and jamming this morning. Plus, I'm high off endorphins from an hour run on the river this morning, so I'm going to speedblog really quick before I run to our development offsite.

The weekend was fantastic, the weather was gorgeous, and I was superproductive and had a lot of fun. Oh my lord this blog is already so boring and sounds more like Lisa Whelchel's than mine. (Have you ever read her blog? Do you know who I'm talking about? I don't even know if she still blogs but it used to be something....)

Saturday night we went to the East Village for an incredible dinner at DBGB, Daniel Bouloud's new-ish restaurant by Bowery and Bleecker. It was fantastic, and jammed with young hot people (except for us.) Then we went to Bedlam, which I am still loving. I need to download a dj program and learn how to do it on my computer so I can actually dj there one night. I will let you know when that happens.

Yesterday we took advantage of the beautiful day to take a looooong walk to the Lower East Side (I'm talking Allen/Stanton/Ludlow/etc) and just bum around and explore. We wandered into a ton of stores and shopped our asses off. All the stores were small boutiques owned by up-and-coming designers, and we bought a lot of great items -- pocket squares, ties, shoes, a sweater, blah blah blah.

OK this is so mundane and boring. This is indeed Lisa Whelchel's blog. Officially. I am putting myself to sleep!

Can we talk about Mad Men before I go to work? Was it a dream? I expected the Joan stuff, but Don really shocked me. I guess it's not that big a deal that he went for the pretty girl (horseteeth aside) over the smart lady who has his number. I loved the scene with Joan and Peggy breaking it all down. I am so upset that the season is over.

The only good thing about Mad Men being over is that I can promise that we have some spectacular programming ahead. I watched the first episode of Top Chef All-Stars last night and it DELIVERS. Millionaire Matchmaker premieres tomorrow night with Patti moving to NYC for Season 4. Also, look no further than TONIGHT for Kim Zolciak's transformation into Lady Gaga on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I promise to try to help get us all through till Mad Men returns!

OK, I have to pick up the kids for carpool. Love, Lisa

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