Monkey with a Wig

Monkey with a Wig

Andy Cohen recounts this Kim and Kroy's Watch What Happens: Live baby shower.

Why oh why is it still so fun making wig jokes whenever Kim or any of the Atlanta ladies are around?? WHY?! I don't know, but I don't want it ever to stop. I am back in NYC after a week away shooting something awesome south of our border, and I celebrated my return and the ATL finale with a baby shower for Kim and Kroy on Watch What Happens Live last night.

I have no clue if Kroy had a good time or not, but I think he did. He seems like a sweet, shy, quiet dude. And don't forget that he is only 25 years old and has been thrust from Pigskinland into a world of Housewives, which can't exactly be a smooth transition.

I loved that Yigit from Just Desserts stopped by the present Kim with the plate of novelty cookies (I ate NeMe Leakes!), and to comment on her shoes. The guy is so talented and very adorable. He is welcome in the clubhouse any damn time. 

Here are some clips from last night's show!!

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