Models Everywhere

Models Everywhere

Spring is in the air! (But not really.)

There's a thaw happening here and spring is in the air! It's actually NOT, but I feel it in my heart, so maybe the Lord will hear me and melt all this crap.

I woke up to some emails asking about the jewelry Padma wore on last night's reunion. Guess what, it's from her line of jewelry called "Padma" (can u believe?) that'll soon be available at Bergdorf Goodman. It is beautiful and PRICEY and during a break I was asking her what little knickknacky stuff I could potentially buy for a present and it came down to some toe rings for four or five hundred bucks. The necklaces are in the two grand area. I bet it sells out.

Beyond the jewelry issue, what did you think of last night's reunion?

I was bopping around town all night and seemed to be surrounded by models wherever I went, starting in the East Village where Markus Shenkenberg, Kim Raver and Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon hosted a soirée for a new men's fragrance for DKNY. The party stunk balls, but the Penthouse of the Hotel on Rivington was worth the schlep. The PH is a 3 story MARVEL which costs "to stay 3000 to 7000 a night," depending on I don't know what. And "to rent for a party, 20 grand".

Here's a view uptown from the very very tricked out terrace...



And here's one looking towards the river, and yes that is a big hot jacuzzi in the foreground! What model's DNA is growing inside that jacuzzi?! Eeew.


I split the fragrance thing and went to Soho House for dinner. That place remains comprised of high highs and low lows, and I still simultaneously regret and question my membership. Truth be told, we chose that restaurant, with it's uncomfy tables and chairs, because of it's proximity to Tenjune, where Nicole Trunfio was hosting a party celebrating her first episode of Make Me a Supermodel.

So there were MORE models at Tenjune, including Ronnie Kroell and Tyson Beckford in vintage Ralph Lauren. And this party featured a popcorn machine, which I didn't totally get at first, but ultimately became a fantastic stomach-coating mechanism. Nicole was lovely as always and we're really excited about her as our mentor, and the whole show in general. With the addition of the go-see beat, I think it's the most grounded-in-reality model competition out there! (What do YOU think of the show?)

At the end of the night I was flipping around the tube and the Top Chef reunion was on again and I was very struck by how massively cross-eyed I am. I can't believe I can see anything at all! How do I do it? I need to do that thing where they put me under and take out my eyeballs to zap the muscles. Oy, that freaks me out.

CAB REPORT: I was lazy this morning and loving the fresh air so I rang Kazal Mahmood to see if he'd give me a lift to the factory. In his silent, gruff way that I've come to love, Kazal said, "Sure!" He was quiet for the rest of the ride and I took that to mean that he too is p-o'ed that Hosea won Top Chef. I tried reasoning with him, and getting Tom on the horn to explain his decision, but the phone went straight to v-m as (leadfooted) Kazul barked that he's off Top Chef forever and putting all his investments into So You Think You Can Dance.  Be that way, Kazul.

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