Tonight, Tonight

Tonight, Tonight

Andy Cohen reviews a performance of Broadway's 'West Side Story.'

Did you ever feel like you saw a performance where the cast was saving their voices for the next night, or another show? That was me at the Palace last night seeing West Side Story. Here's what: can u please sing the living shit out of "Tonight" so I feel like I got what I came
for? The show features Step it Up and Dance winner Cody Green as Riff.  He was good and the dancing and choreography was worth the price of admission.  Cuz the singing wasn't). Oh yeah, and all the Jets were wearing v. tight pants which was lovely.

After the show we hustled to Orso to break it all down and got caught in front of In the Heights where it's overly-scented audience was charging out like bats from hell. "What the hell just went on in THERE," we wondered, "and why does that entire audience REEK of bad
cologne?" We ended the night at Bar Centrale with Mary Stuart star John Benjamin Hickey.  I heart show folk.

Tonight after The Fashion Show finale, we'll be live  at Midnight with Isaac Mizrahi and the hottest couple around — Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. Call us, tweet us, or do whatever it takes to join our convo. It'll be a fun show. 

As you're thinking of questions for tonight's guests, check out the illustration that artist Ryan Casey posted on his site. I think it's pretty damn good, and he really got the set right!! Thanks, Ryan!


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