Palm Challenge

Palm Challenge

Andy unveils his bestie Bruce!

I'm really excited for tonight's episode of Top Chef because it features the Palm and my best buddy Bruce. You've heard me refer to Bruce many many times on this blog, and I'm excited for you to "meet" him tonight on Bravo.

We've talked about doing various challenges with the Palm over the years (they have restaurants in almost every city we've shot the show), but I'm glad we waited for D.C. The Palm is a real institution there and D.C. (like their place in L.A.) is commonly known as a hub of power players. (This reminds me that when I asked Patti Stanger where women should go to meet rich men she said "The Palm".) D.C. has had its share of scandals, and it's fitting that the Palm is host for "Pea Puree-gate" tonight on the show.  his is a topic we will DEFINITELY be exploring at the reunion.

I had fun watching the Magical Elves (production company) take over the restaurant, and if you're in D.C. tonight, I know there's a big party and screening of the episode.

Here's two of my favorite things: Padma in hotpants and The Palm!


Here's one of the tasting tables at the Palm, featuring Morning Joe stars
Mica Brezinski and Joe Scarborough, Lwon Panetta, Senator Mark Warner, Padma, and Bruce.


Here's Bruce's nephew Nick Thimm with Padma.


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