Back in L.A.

Back in L.A.

Andy Cohen tackles his mountain of magazines.

Good morning from Los Angeles. I am on The Talk today with my old pal Julie Chen. You do realize that she and I were interns together at CBS News in 1989, right? Nuts. Life is funny. I landed at 7 and had a fun dinner at the Sunset Tower where we spotted, among others, Lionel Richie who looks younger than me. I dig Lionel.

On the plane I read about 30 pounds of magazines, and finally finished The New Yorker piece about Scientology that I've been wanting to get into for a month. It is exhaustively researched and I can't imagine what the legal department at that magazine went through to make sure they weren't going to get sued. It was especially interesting reading about Anne Archer and her son; I didn't know she was a Scientologist. Hey, maybe I will ask Lea Remini what she thought of the piece while I am live on The Talk today. Maybe I absolutely will not ask her.

The two other articles that struck me were the piece in New York about the lady who raised the monkey like her child and it wound up mangling her best friend, who later went on Oprah (you remember this, right?) and the Vanity Fair profile of Freddy DeCordova's wife. I love when Vanity Fair clues me in about a socialite that I never really knew existed. I'm almost done w/ the Lauren Bacall piece and then I can trash the Hollywood Issue and that will be another two pounds I don't have to schlep back to NYC.

Lots of talk on Twitter about last night's Top Chef, both the elimination and the Mike/Richard fued. Tom was tweeting during the show and pointed out that chefs don't copyright their recipes; they do this stuff all the time. I know we will discuss this at the reunion, for sure. By the way, a few weeks ago I was on a top secret shoot and out of the office for a week and I can now report that it was the Bahamas shoot for the Top Chef finale.  It was a great week.

Mazel to President Obama for standing up for equality yesterday. That was a bold move!

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