Back in NYC

Back in NYC

Andy Cohen returns from L.A., only to be depressed by 'All My Children.'

It's a gorgeous day in NYC, kind of.... I got so much done on the plane home I almost am wishing I was up in the sky today, so I could be as productive.  

When I got home I went nutso with my DVR and caught up a bit. I am taping All My Children this week to see how it all ends, and watched Monday and Tuesday's episodes. In a word, it was depressing. I am trying to stay positive, but the whole thing is just sad and too much for me to deal with.  

Oh, and is Angie blind? I am very confused. And I still don't get how Jesse came back from the dead. Oh and my assistant very sweetly fetched me a copy of the special AMC edition of People magazine. Maybe that has some answers. 

I ran into Ryan Seacrest and Kristin Wiig in the lobby of 30 Rock today. I love this place.

Have a great day.

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