Happy Birthday, Marla!

Happy Birthday, Marla!

Andy Cohen celebrates the 80th birthday of Ms. Marla Gibbs.

I know you probably already know it, but It's Marla Gibbs' birthday today! Why don't we have the day off, I wonder? Anyway, HBMG!

I'm back in NYC heading to work in an SUV cab with a very quiet driver. I think he's concentrating really hard on his thoughts about whether he's on Peggy or Alexis' side, and if Tamra overstepped last night. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what he's thinking about. What did you think of the reunion? There's more from it, by the way, that will be part of next week's "Lost Footage" episode. (You know how we roll....)

Tonight is a brand new episode of Million Dollar Decorators. I'm getting such great feedback from people who've checked out that show who seem to love the design and kooky characters (yeah, I said kooky) so I hope you will too.  And watch Mary McDonald on WWHL with Rocco on Thursday night!

I have a busy day that awaits. Gotta get my head around this Sunday's Miss USA pageant! I need to focus my ass. Tonight is the big AmFar event at MOMA. If you're going, I'll see you there! 


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