I Dropped a Medicine Ball

I Dropped a Medicine Ball

Andy Cohen has a traumatic experience at the gym.

I somehow dropped a medicine ball on my face this morning at the gym. It was awkward and hilarious and painful all at the same time. (I was doing crunches with the med ball between my knees and the sucker slipped out.) Amazing that I have no medicine ball print on my face, but the day is young.  So that happened. 

Tonight is a brand new Flipping Out and the season finale ( Waaaaaaaah!) of Million Dollar Decorators. That seems like a perfectly reasonable way to beat the heat. 

I'm in the back of a Prius cab (my fave kind for various reasons, but maybe not the one you think) and my driver, Badul, is concurrently a brake fanatic and very heavy on his horn. So I feel we're really causing a scene up Sixth Avenue. That was us, if you heard the horn. 

My old friend Harry Smith had his first day at NBC News yesterday and stopped by Bravo HQ on the 46th floor. It was a lot of laughs for us. I started my career as his intern in 1989! I am so excited he's in the same building as me, and that NBC News got him. 

Have a great day. 

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