Legends are People Too!

Legends are People Too!

Andy Cohen shares a little too much information about his most recent stay in Los Angeles.


I'm up early in Los Angeles with an all-day shoot on my agenda and a flight back to NYC tonight. It's been a great stay here, and I feel like it was a really productive week. 

We hosted a lunch (BBQ) on Tuesday at TCA for the cast of Most Eligible: Dallas and it was fun to see those tall Texans out of their elements. Patti Stanger was there too, fresh off the announcement of our big development deal, and she really looks great. I was hoping she would get together with Matt -- the big Texas football player -- but I'm pretty sure it didn't happen.  She's hilarious. 

Last night I was at the Sunset Tower and was introduced to the legendary designer James Galanos. This is the man responsible for much of Nancy Reagan's (red) wardrobe while she was first lady and beyond. He was very debonaire, eating at the bar of the restaurant. Legends are people, too! 

Elsewhere in the hotel, I spent a solid half hour studying what seemed to me like a Russian billionairess working on her computer and complaining to anyone who would listen about her tea as her li'l dog ran around at her feet. She went to the bathroom and I became engrossed in the shape of her tushie, which I can only describe as an applebottom. Anyway this is potentially TMI, but I am trying to share with you something of my time in Los Angeles, so this is what you get.  

I'm really pumped for the new season of RHOBH to begin. We have a huge fall and winter coming up on Bravo....  

On that note: I will see you in NYC, or at least on our WWHL season finale Sunday night with Teresa and Jerry O'Connell. 

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