NYC Weekend

NYC Weekend

Andy Cohen enjoys an action-packed weekend with his nephew.

What a wonderful, busy weekend! My parents and nephew were in town and it was nonstop for the record, nonstop for the rhyme.

Friday morning I woke up to the horrible news from Japan. The video is as devastating today as it was three days ago; and this nuclear thing is about the scariest thing I can think of. My prayers are with everyone there.

Kelly Ripa and I had taped Friday's episode of Live! With Regis and Kelly on Thursday, which is why there was no mention of Japan, and why we were so gleefully talking about winning a trip to Hawaii.  In the light of what was happening on Friday morning, we sounded like barbarians on that show. Now you know why. I have to thank Kelly and the entire team at "Live!" for making me feel so welcome. It was incredibly surreal co-hosting the show, sitting in Regis' chair, taking cues from Gelman, spinning the wheel, and chatting with Kelly on that set. I won't forget the experience.

Incidentally, tomorrow morning I am filling in for Kathie Lee on the fourth hour of TODAY. It's going to be a great show, featuring Pee Wee Herman and a mystery segment they won't tell me about until we're live. I am terrified I'm going to have to eat bugs.

Friday night we went to see Spider Man: Turn off the Dark on Broadway. It seemed, even though we knew it was troubled, like something that my nephew might like. In fairness to the show, they just announced that it is being shut down in April for three weeks to fix the book and music and the opening will now be in June -- months and months after originally scheduled. Here's What: the show is a visually stunning PIECE OF POOP. It really is gorgeous to look at, I will say that. I mean stunning many times. There is exactly one song that I liked. Act 1 is fine-ish, and we really should've just collected ourselves and left it at that because Act 2 makes no sense and just makes you angry at how much money is being wasted right before your eyes. Literally I was sitting there stewing. I feel so badly for the actors....

Oh and the show shut down once because of a technical glitch and the audience loved that. They thought that was awesome.  So there is just no accounting, sometimes people are dopes. Afterwards we went to Joe Allen and I had two glasses of wine but I wish I had 2 bottles so I could forget the whole thing.

Saturday we walked around the village and soho all day and it was exhausting. Saturday night we hit the Palm and then went to the dress rehearsal for Saturday Night Live which was a blast. Zach Galifinakas was hilarious and you get to see about a half hour extra of comedy in the dress rehearsal, and they cut the least funny sketches before the actual show. I was bummed to find out that their "Name Dropping Tournament" sketch got cut -- check Hulu for it because it's pretty funny. Anyway, we loved that experience and laughed a lot.

Yesterday we tried to get breakfast at Brooklyn Diner at 11:30 am but that is when they stop serving breakfast because they are an "upscale diner". This is what the guy told me. WTF, is what I told him.  An "upscale diner"?  Aren't diners supposed to serve breakfast all day?  Anyway, we went to Route 66 and it was fine.  I am still shaking my head at that one....

Last night before the show we went to the Knicks game. It was a blast even though the Knicks lost to Indiana, which was a surprise.  We sat right in front of Chris Manzo from RHNJ, which was lovely. From there we went to the Clubhouse for a piping hot edition of "Watch What Happens Live" with Gretchen and Slade. (Sean Avery had to postpone his appearance, sadly. He'll be back.)  I had a lot of fun with those two!  Check out the clips online....

Tonight I am hosting the "Mis-Cast" benefit for the MCC Theater Company and they're auctioning off tickets to "Watch What Happens Live" and a cocktail with me at the taping. You can find it at  I think today might be the last day to bid, so check it out!

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