Reunion: Live vs. Taped

Reunion: Live vs. Taped

Andy explains the pros and cons of doing a live reunion.

So tonight is the Top Chef All-Stars reunion (followed by the premiere of Top Chef Masters with new host Curtis Stone and non-tournament format). The reunion is very funny and also really dramatic. We taped it about a month ago over a period of five hours. When you tape a reunion show you get to belabor every point so that what winds up being aired is the absolute best of every conversation.

Which brings me to last night.... 

The Great Live Reunion Experiment of 2011 is over and the results were...interesting. On the one hand, I am pretty sure last night's Watch What Happens Live special -- where we gathered the Miami Housewives in the Clubhouse and turned on the cameras -- was a wee bit jaw dropping and explosive and sometimes hard to turn away from... On the other hand, people were talking over each other, and I had to attempt to rein in arguments that I otherwise would've let play out in a taped environment. Oh, and we didn't get to discuss a bunch of hot button issues.   

The women were screaming like cats and dogs during all the commercial breaks and so (for most except Adriana) there seemed to be a line of what they wanted to say on live TV and off-air. This was especially true of Marysol and Larsa; a taped environment would've helped diminish that line. I tried to get everything out on live TV, with mixed results. 

Our After Show was kind of great (and long). Here it is, followed by some clips from the live show...


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