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Atta Girl!

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Avery Pursell: "I Felt That I Did Not Perform Well"

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Meat Sweats

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Atta Girl!

Cat Cora approves of Avery's elimination decision.

Culinary traditions are fascinating. They reflect the cultural roots of a country. In this week's episode, Narda Lepes, an Argentinian chef, describes Argentinian cuisine as a mix of Turkish, Armenian, Italian, and Spanish traditions. Chimichurri sauce is one of my favorite sauces to serve with meat, and it comes from Argentina. Some say its origins come from the Spanish pronunciation of curry; others say it's a Basque word. Either way, it's delicious! One of the rules for pesto -- another favorite of mine -- is do NOT overheat. The same is true of chimichurri. And that was one of Nookie's problems this week. I honestly thought he was done for, although his decision to sell the empanades to the woman at the kiosk was brilliant. But Avery surprised us all by voting for John, saying that she wanted to go up against the best. Atta girl!

Well, it's down to two girls and one guy. And while Nookie's demonstrated some great gamesmanship, he's up against two smart, talented chefs in Liz and Avery. Tweet me at @catcora with your predictions of who wins!

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