Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson thinks it was about time Nookie focused on the food.

on Jul 9, 2012

Avery is still glowing from her days with the Demon Chef. His positive affirmations have really made a difference. She has that morning glow of victory, but what happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong, or at least is recorded and stuck in your file by the Chinese government. 

We are down to four chefs of all shapes and sizes. Before this flight to Buenos Aires takes off Nookie must have a tender moment. Nookie, as half of the remaining chefs are, is a parent and the separation from your kiddos can even affect the most burly strategist. It’s the end-game Nookie, pull yourself together. 

Travel time to Buenos Aires is a mere 30 hours and then the chefs get up and right to the first challenge. This show is grueling. Time to make the empanadas, the Iberian gift to the world of hot pockets. Nookie and Avery team up as the parents in this contest with the kids table being manned by Liz and John. There is a much-highlighted difference in the physical speeds of these teams, but don’t worry, Liz can quickly ruin that advantage by burning the first batch of empanadas. Avery and Nookie are like ballet in the kitchen, but I envision tutus and the thought is only half good from there. 

Upon the completion of the empanadas, the teams must cart up and sell their wares in the local park. It’s like the tamale guy at your local dive bar, but you aren’t drunk cause it’s daylight... the harsh reality of sunshine. 

Now we get a tender moment with Liz. Mom meant a lot to her. It’s time to hunt for Nookies.