Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone breaks down the competition heading into the finale.

on Jul 11, 2012


We’ve reached the semi-finals of this culinary competition and the chefs’ strengths and weaknesses are out in full force. Avery loves a culinary challenge—and she’s skilled enough to pull it off. Nookie, aka the master strategist, plays this competition like a high-stakes game of craps. John, the Midwesterner, is solid and steady, while Liz keeps her head down and ends up exceeding everyone’s expectations.

It’s not too surprising that Nookie won the Exceptional Ingredient again. It’s only shocking that it took him so long to think of selling the whole lot of empanadas to a vendor! What Nookie and Avery won was truly exceptional. Like so much of the Argentine culture, meat is prepared (and consumed) with incredible passion. Asado is the traditional dish of Argentina and asadors, or grill masters, are revered for their ability to cook the perfect piece of meat. 

One of the beautiful things about Argentine meat is its simplicity. A touch of oil and a bit of salt and pepper is all beautifully cooked slice of goat, lamb, or beef needs. But getting that meat to be good enough to stand on its own is no easy task. Kudos to Avery for once again taking on the hardest job and really shining. Asadors are overwhelmingly male—and Argentine—so in addition to cooking an amazing goat, she broke a few stereotypes along the way. But it was Liz, with her unique combination of corn and chorizo empanadas who really wowed the locals. She took a chance and it really paid off.