The real estate shark opens up about his tussle with Ryan Serhant.

on Jul 18, 2013 - The Dish0

Judging from this week's episode of Million Dollar Listing New York, it seems like Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund won't making nice anytime soon.

They tussled over the pricing of apartments in a new development—and now, Fredrik is accusing Ryan of having a potty mouth and homophobia. Ryan, meanwhile, thinks Fredrik is a "wicked stepmother."

What's the problem this time?

Ryan claims that Fredrik jacked up an agreed-upon amount for the property featured on last night's episode. "Why did Fredrik do this to me?" he asks in his latest blog post. "Because I jumped in his pool after he made fun of me numerous times in front of my clients? Seriously?... Whether he's spilling green tea or venom; it's all the same color. In this business you have to be ready to get down and dirty for your team and your clients. That's what I did; I took on the mean kid and exposed his real nature for the whole world to see."

For his part, Fredrik says there's a simple explanation for jacking up the price. "I want to set something straight here—something that Ryan doesn't understand, because he doesn't have any new development experience," Fredrik counters, "the New development always uses a phase in advance of an offering plan getting approved where the selling agent TESTS out the market with preliminary price RANGES." So that explains the 30% difference in prices!

Fredrik also calls out Ryan for his excessive use of the F word, "I'm surprised and saddened by his language," the Stockholm native writes. "It seems like the way he talked about women the first season is now the way he talks about gay people?"

Still, Fredrik does admit that he was a bit "arrogant" when it comes to Ryan and the property.

"It is not my intention to push Ryan's buttons as much as it seems," he admits. "I was having a bit of fun, yes, even a bit more than Ryan deserves. But remember all the things he has done to me: jumping in my pool, refusing to apologize when I came to his office, calling me all sort of names through his interviews et cetera? I guess we deserve one another, but the true difference between us is that I keep it professional...but I will work on being less arrogant. It doesn't suit me, nor anyone else."


Fredrik. be very careful clawing your way to the top.....because the very people you pass along the way, may someday be your savior....I think the way you treat your competition is atrocious and I find you rather sad. I do however applaud you for agreeing to marry without a signed contract.....I see you and this guy together forever.....he's a nice guy and outside of real estate, so are you, I hope!! Congrats and don't waste your money!!


Last night was the first time I watched MDLNY. After the first I was hooked and couldn't wait

to watch more. Fredrik, you and Ryan had me laughing all night! All of Fredrik's sound effects

were hilarious, not to mention you're high kick. Fredrik, do you really act like that? Ryan, I

thought I would die when you did that high kick! Love you guys!!!


Pricing change aside for the moment. Telling Ryan there were no other units available for his client was a complete disservice to the buyer and I'm surprised it's not something that would cause an ethics board review!



 Right!  I am hoping he is brought up on ethics charges.  If Luis can be on probation for doctoring pictures, shouldn't Freddy lose his license for lying to another agent?  Realty 101...