Southern Charm After Show: Shep and Cameran on Yoga, Being Late and Prenups

The Charmers break down episode 6.

Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks grabbed some good eats and talked about Southern Charm's latest shenanigans in Charleston. In episode 6, Shep joins Kathryn C. Dennis in yoga class, Craig Conover gets on both Cameran and Naomie Olindo's bad side for his tardiness and Whitney Sudler-Smith brings up prenups. Shep and Cameran broke down this and more on the Southern Charm After Show.

Southern Charm
Shep and Kathryn Do Yoga Together
Shep Rose is taking a break from drinking and reconnects with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis.

When talking more about Kathryn and Shep's yoga class, Cameran asked: "What was your favorite position in yoga?" Shep responded in the most Shep way possible: "The sideways dog." When it comes to Craig's constant tardiness, Cameran has had enough: "Craig is always late. To me, it comes across as being lazy." Shep isn't too thrilled either: "No, it's way worse than that." As for Whitney asking Thomas Ravenel if he'd get a prenup in a theoretical marriage to Landon, Shep and Cameran were left pretty confused. 

Want to hear more from this dynamic duo? Check out the after show above.

Southern Charm
Southern Charm After Show: What's Thomas' Appeal?
Shep and Cameran break down episode 5 and discuss what Thomas is looking for.
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