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Kate Goes Deep on Her Blanket Art

Kate Chastain shares the secret to her blanket folding success.

Kate's Got a New Blanket Fold Technique...
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Kate Chastain: When I saw that Dean, my “Charter Guest Soul Mate,” was coming back for another charter, I was overcome with excitement. Sure, he can be a bit rigid and firm with his demands, but at least I knew what to expect heading in. I was sure that no matter how hard Dean was on us, it would ultimately result in a nice big tip and happy ending for all parties involved. How did you decide on the palm tree fold? What's the secret to a good palm tree fold? Were there any other options you were thinking of doing?
KC: Well, we didn’t have much time before the arrival of our head guest, so while I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do when I got to the bedroom, I knew it had to be quick and memorable. My rocket ship had been quite a seminal pillar of handiwork, so there was a little pressure to make something just as hard hitting. At first I was nervous that my blanket fold would fall flat and I would face a little performance anxiety…but after some proper fluffing and the right finishing touches, I just got this familiar feeling inside that I had once again erected something Dean would love. The secret to any good blanket fold is simple: Just be in the moment. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with positioning because, let’s face it, when it comes to bed art, nobody wants the same old thing night after night. You’ve got to spice it up, maybe even get a little ballsy and push past the boundaries of what’s expected. Most of all, practice makes perfect. I think my years of hands-on experience are really why I seem to nail it in the blanket art time after time. There are so many options out there, it’s almost too hard for me to pick my favorite of all the shapes to be honest. Sometimes I like big and bold folds, sometimes I like smaller yet playful folds, each one has its own special mood and personality, all of them as beautiful and unique as a snowflake. How were you feeling about Leon once you learned he lied about the fresh conch and refused to share his salad dressing recipe?
KC: When Leon first told me that he wanted the guests to catch their own food, I couldn’t help but marvel at his obvious inexperience on charter yachts. Sure, if the guests happen to hook something, we are always more than happy to accommodate the preparation. But even if the guests went to college for fishing and got their Master’s in baiting, it’s smart to have at least one option on the back burner just in case they come up empty-handed. Frankly, it made me a little nauseous when Leon told the charter guests that for him, handling a conch is similar to handling a woman…but then again, he didn’t seem to really know what he was doing when it came down to business, so maybe he was actually telling the truth that one time. He made such a big deal about the guests catching their own lunch, and then he couldn’t even open the darn thing. This entire meal was literally a bait and switch for the guests. Also, Leon’s refusal to share his salad dressing recipe was ridiculous. He said it was because “he’s smart,” but quite the opposite in my opinion. Dean happens to own a number of very successful restaurants and this could have been a chance for Leon to advance his culinary career, but instead, he let his ego get in the way and missed what might have been a very lucrative opportunity. Because we are hosting some of the most affluent and discerning guests, it is not uncommon for yacht crew to be hired on land by the high rollers we host. Every true yachtie knows that a charter guest is the most important person you could impress professionally speaking. Unlike Leon.
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