Meghan King Edmonds Says Pregnancy Style is a Mindset

Meghan King Edmonds Says Pregnancy Style is a Mindset

"I worked hard for this bump and I love showing it off!"

By Bryce Gruber

Gorgeous Real Houseives of Orange County mom-to-be, Meghan King Edmonds, is excited to remind moms everywhere that pregnancy isn't easy, no matter how glam your life may seem.

"I've recently been battling the flu and I've been miserable. I got the flu shot about a month ago so I can rest assured that I'm infected with a mutated strain already—but I'm glad I don't have the other strains too," she shared with The Lookbook exclusively. "I've also been getting more Braxton Hicks contractions and they are starting to become painful."

Braxton Hicks contractions are basically 'practice' contractions that help prepare a woman's uterus for her big labor day. And as most moms will tell you, they really hurt, but they're not stopping Meghan from being the incredibly stylish woman she has always been.

"Putting on my shoes is a chore—orthotic insoles have become my besties," she says. And Meghan wears them well with the fitted maternity fashions she's obsessed with. "I love anything tight. I worked hard for this bump and I love showing it off!"

She also recommends that other expecting moms do their best to feel beautiful during their own pregnancies. "I rub all stretch-mark-prone areas with oil every time I shower. I don't want stretch marks!  My mom didn't ever get any with her pregnancies so I'm hoping I won't either." She also sticks to styles that make her feel positive and beautiful. "It's amazing how good you can feel when you embrace the changes your body is making to nourish a new life!"

Style to try: maternity and nursing dress by Loyal Hana

The Saint Louis native also has sworn off Botox during her pregnancy, but says she's still a big fan of waxes, manicures, and getting her hair done. "I don't do as much so I don't wear makeup as much," she addmitted. That's probably something all moms-to-be can relate to, as well as Meghan's newfound "mommy brain" and forgetfulness. "The other day I couldn't remember my phone number so I used Jimmy's instead. I also forgot to save him a seat on a flight and I started crying when I saw him. I forget the stupidest things!"

Meghan was also excited to explain that cutting all the typically banned foods and substances—think sushi, alcohol, and Botox—has been great for her and baby. "Of everything, I think I miss ibuprofen the most," she says.

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