Toya: Craziness Sparked by More Craziness

Toya gives her thoughts on the lunch between Quad and Lisa Nicole.

Hmmm...Where should I begin?

Lisa and Quad
All I could think was why?! First off why "put on" with the fake hugging when there's clearly a problem amongst you. Let's clear things up before we pretend to be besties. I was so shocked to see how Lisa, a lady who displays such class, conducted herself in the meeting with Quad. The behavior that she displayed in that meeting was the same behavior she was criticizing Quad of being: ratchet! Now we all know I have had MY OWN experiences when it comes to being pushed to a limit, and when you are being physically attacked, there can be a natural reaction to defend yourself. Yet in this situation I did not see Quad physically attack Lisa. Both confronted each other with tacky information they learned in each other’s background checks. (Which I feel should have never taken place in the first place.) Craziness sparked by more craziness. What is the old saying if you can dish it, you better be ready to take it.

Quad Reveals What She Discovered About Lisa Nicole
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Moreover, I would have to truly hand it to Quad. If it was me sitting there drowning in a 16 oz glass of water that someone threw in my face, I'm almost positive I would not have reacted in the same manner. I have love for both ladies, but I really wish Lisa would've walked away once she heard the accusations that she claims were false.

I am all about nice things, but if I recall just last year you were discussing how your business took a hit and it financially put your family in a tough spot. So I have to ask, is purchasing a Maserati without your husband's knowledge the smartest thing? Is that really "teaching" your boys a life lesson? Of course hard work pays off, I agree with that, but making decisions with your spouse and presenting a united front I would think represents a better life lesson. Last season there were all sorts of comments and digs about Eugene and my finances, so I have to snicker to myself when once again I see you trying to "put on" to keep up with the Jones.

My oh my does Heavenly have her hands full with her daughter. Alura is quite a rambunctious one. She is very vocal and unfiltered with her opinions. I would have to say she is a gal I can relate too. She stays on her mom's case about fashion, yet it is out of love.

Saving the best for last!
Eugene and I...
Now everyone who knows me knows I work my ass off in the gym. And the people that I love have experienced me getting on them about being healthy. I may crack a joke about their weight, but I am there to support them in a lifestyle of being healthy. I want my family and friends to be around for a long time, so if I have to snatch that doughnut out of their hand and remind them of those "boobies," then you best believe I will. Which is why I am in total support of what Jackie is doing with "Fit Is the New It." Now I am not so sure what her point was in providing pizza, pop, and wine at the event, but helping people reach healthy weight goals is a great mission. 

Not Everyone Is Enthusiastic About Jackie's Fitness Plan
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At the end of the day, I may make jokes and poke fun, but each of us ladies has very different ways how we handle moments in our lives. Some "put on" a fake front, and some of us are straight shooters. We are all entitled to our opinions and have to learn to start respecting it for just that.
Just my opinion,
Mrs. Toya Bush-Harris
Twitter: @tweet_toya

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