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Toya: Sometimes We Only Get a Piece of the Truth

Toya advises Lisa Nicole to have a conversation with her husband before going off on Jill.

By Toya Bush-Harris

Girls' Night Out

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I am a firm believer that ladies' night is a necessity. Every woman, whether she is a mom, wife, professional, or just around the way girl, needs a night to hang out with her girlfriends and just be. Everyone needs a moment to let your hair down, re-fuel, laugh, dance, have a drink, and be carefree. Good times with good friends keeps you healthier. I am the queen of organizing play dates and a get together with my girlfriends is second nature. I like to do things with a little flare, so Jill's jail bus selection had me a little nervous, but it did not bust up the party.

You Don't Like My Bus?

Women wear many hats, and we do not always take the time for ourselves. We either feel there is not enough time in the day or feel guilty if we aren't in mommy mode at all times. I've learned, if I'm not a hundred percent, I'm really not any good for anyone. Taking the time with friends gives me the outlet to just talk about things that bother me. Vocalizing concerns with others sometimes helps you to be able to come to a resolution or even acceptance in life's little bumps in the road.

The one thing that I hate that happened during our ladies' night is two of my girls got into a heated discussion. As much as we love our husbands, sometimes we only get a piece of the truth. I am not saying that Lisa should believe the streets, but have a conversation with your husband before you start popping off on others. We know it's very easy for men and women to give a small portion of the truth as opposed to the whole truth.

Did Jill Set Up Lisa Nicole?

The night we left Cheetah, I called Lisa and we had a heart-to-heart. I am always going to give it to my friends straight with no chaser, so I told her that I thought she was still hurt from her husband's infidelities and displacing her anger towards Jill. I do personally believe that Darren was at Cheetah but probably knew it would be an argument if he told his wife, so he opted to say nothing. I advised Lisa that she really just needed to have a sit-down with Darren and talk things through. Communication is key, and it is important that a couple strive towards healthy communication. Eugene and I have far from mastered it, but we will still sit and have the hard conversations about any and everything, which is why I can trust him. If my husband was going to a gentleman's bar every blue moon, it would be no big deal to me. I am secure in my relationship, and I know Eugene would not do anything to disrespect our union.

Having good girlfriends aid in giving insight to details that we can be blind to when we are going through it is a must. Surrounding yourself with good friends that know your worth and value is a blessing, and they will never steer you wrong. So I say, ladies, at least once a month call up a few of your best road dogs, secure your babysitter, kiss your boo goodnight, get cute, and make it an estrogen-filled night.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Toya Bush-Harris
Twitter: @tweet_toya
IG: toyabushharris


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