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A Day of Inspiration

Quad isn't sorry she brought some fun to Jackie's event -- and thinks Kari should be sorry for the way she's treating Mariah.

I was truly honored to participate in the "It's The Journey" breast cancer walk.

Yet, Jackie found something to criticize, so please forgive Mariah and I for bringing some fierce, fabulous style to Jackie's Jewels -- as we've forgiven you for not saying a simple thanks for our time, physical efforts, and financial donations. Cancer is a serious disease that has impacted us all in one way or another. For me it was via my aunt and college friend who both survived the terrible disease.

Unfortunately, an estimated 1.4 million new breast cancer cases were diagnosed in 2008. Breast cancer is also the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide, with an estimated 458,400 deaths a year. It is highly imperative that we as women get our yearly mammogram and conduct personal checks frequently. I applaud Jackie for her courageous spirit and sharing her story with millions. The message here is to never give up and continue to fight the good fight.

Simone, I just love your relationship with your sister. A true sisterhood filled with love! I think you guys are great! #trulyhilarious

Kari you are really something with your nose in the air looking down on others yet again. You must have forgotten who made this was all possible for you??? A word of advice: don't bite the hand that feeds you. I pity the day reality hits you. Instead of falling from the second floor try the 22nd floor! #It'salongwaydown

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