Mariah: I Walked Into the Lion's Den at STK

Mariah: I Walked Into the Lion's Den at STK

Mariah respects the relationship she once had with Quad enough to not slander her now -- unlike what Quad is doing.

I love my family! They take care of me when I'm sick and give my life purpose and fulfillment. Seeing them cook for me was adorable! That was the best soup and grilled cheese I'd ever had! Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make me well enough to attend Avery's Birthday Bash

Happy belated birthday Avery. So sorry we missed your carnival party! It looked like tons of fun. I know Ethan and Lauren would have had a blast with you guys, just as we used to during better times.

Toya -- Wow, the kids have grown up so much, and they are cute as ever! You and Eugene sure do have some smart handsome boys! I haven't spent much time with Avery, but you know I am crazy about Ashton. 

Those were the days! As you and I discussed for an hour the morning of Avery's party, so much has happened between us that our relationship needs to be repaired, and requires time to heal. We agreed that we would take our time getting back on the right track. You are right about one thing, the devil does changes clothes, and also seems to keep changing shows. I'm flabbergasted that you would allow That Mummy at your home?

As a matter of fact, you and Eugene should be offended, that "the new boring girl" brought that crypt keeper to such a joyous occasion. If the "new boring girl" was real and had true substance she would have brought her kids to a kids party, not ridiculous gossip that she had just heard 30 seconds earlier. That day should have been about celebrating Avery's birthday, NOT discussing rumors.

I've learned that great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people -- and gossip. The only thing more frustrating than slanderers are those foolish enough to listen to them!

I was glad to know the MDs weren't entertaining such foolishness. Kudos to Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie, for meeting with Miss Georgia Plus, and making things right. She is a beautiful lady, and had an awesome forgiving spirit. After Heavenly left the office, Jackie seemed like she could use a few lemons to squeeze, or stomp! LOL! It's OK Jackie we've all given our power away at some point in our lives -- the main thing is taking it back, and having the strength to hold on to it!


Aydin and I truly enjoyed, our double date with Simone and Cecil. We, took them to one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Istanbul. We had so much fun! We ate traditional Persian food and drinks, smoked hookah, watched belly and fire dancers and truly enjoyed the ambiance. When Simone asked me about Quad, the energy drastically changed. At the time it was a very tough situation for me to discuss. We were so close, and I felt as if discussing our issues with the other ladies would only magnify things, and ultimately make things worse. I was trying my best, to give our situation time and distance. Friendship is something that I value, respect and try to protect.

Now, as we can all clearly see, Quad is absolutely handling things a bit different. She is very busy these days. I can see that Dr. G and I must be reading the same book, "Why you want to do this now"? Our break-up should not be either our claim to fame. I'm truly taken back that you would fabricate such a ridiculous tale. You and I both know, we had already squashed everything at Mulan's Restaurant after talking and crying for six hours. You were still upset, so I was open to meeting at STK to further discuss, as you requested. I showed up with an open mind and open heart. I wasn't angry or intoxicated, and I never laid a finger on you. We exchanged words and as I was leaving (not thrown out) you grabbed my purse and threw it, to make a spectacle in front of your fan club.

I should have known when she was there with 20 people from the Quad Squad, that she had no intentions of resolving anything with me. She invited me there, to humiliate me in front of her audience. I unknowingly, walked right into the lion's den when I went to that restaurant, and I'm mad at myself for going!


We've been friends for years, and I would never intentionally hurt her. I definitely would never be physical with her -- that's absurd! We should not have met in public. We should have respected our friendship enough to deal with our issues in a more intimate setting, and at a better time.

I'm saddened that things have gone to a place where she feels she must lie, exaggerate, slander me, ridicule my family, and diminish the friendship that we once had. I'm mature enough to understand that while we may no longer be friends, we have enough history to not become enemies. I choose to take a higher road. I wish her and her family well, will continue to pray for them, and will continue to smile down memory lane as I reflect on all of our fabulous and fun times.



It's quite unfortunate that the "higher road" is a one way street with a lot less traffic, but at least I know I'm moving in the right direction.

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