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Cecil Whitmore Opens Up About Friendship with Dr. Jackie Amid Her Fallout with Dr. Simone

"It definitely puts me in a difficult place," the Married to Medicine husband said of the drama between Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters.

By Laura Rosenfeld

One of the most shocking revelations to come out of the Married to Medicine Season 7 reunion was the fact that longtime besties Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore were not in a good place. Even though the OBGYNs hugged and agreed to move forward by the time the sit-down with Andy Cohen was over, their friendship was still fractured in the Married to Medicine Season 8 premiere, which aired on March 7.

Dr. Simone hasn't been the only one to feel the effects of the strain on her relationship with Dr. Jackie; it has also been a challenging time for her husband, Cecil Whitmore. "It's really tough to see them get to the place that that they were in because we’ve known Jackie for so long, way before we connected up with the other folks in this group," Cecil said during Bravo Insider's exclusive interview with the Married to Medicine husband and Dr. Simone. "So for us to see Simone and Jackie not be connected is just really difficult for me. I’m friends with Jackie, and so I have to watch like, 'OK, do I call Jackie? Do I stop by?' It definitely puts me in a difficult place."

Cecil went on to say that he has "to be cognizant" of how he goes about maintaining his friendship with Dr. Jackie while there is still tension between her and his wife. "Simone is not the type, for the most part, to get upset if I’m keeping in contact or staying friends with someone that she’s not totally connected with," Cecil said, to which Dr. Simone replied, "Who told you that?"

As a matter of fact, Dr. Simone said that she wasn't aware that Cecil was still in contact with Dr. Jackie. "Well, I didn’t think that he had been keeping in touch with Jackie. Probably Curtis [Dr. Jackie's husband], yes, I would have thought no for Jackie," Dr. Simone said, before joking, "But husbands and secrets, secrets and husbands [laughs]."

Cecil's friendship with Dr. Jackie aside, Dr. Simone went on to share what we can expect to see of the dynamic between her and her fellow OBGYN this season of Married to Medicine. "You will get a chance to see me and Jackie just talk through what happened — how we felt with our friendship at a distance," she said. "It’s been a long-standing friendship that really meant a lot to me. And maybe sometimes you take friendships for granted when the person is no longer present in your life in the way that they once were. And you realize that you do miss it, and you really realize the impact the person was having on your life when they’re not there in that capacity anymore."

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