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You May Actually Start Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes After Trying This Super Easy Tool

It's a lazy beauty girl's dream product. 

By Chantel Morel

If there were an official rule book of beauty sins, not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly would be on the very first page. It’s one of those tips I constantly hear makeup artists and experts preach about — yet here I am, frequently disregarding this advice. You see, if you were to look up the term "lazy beauty girl," you would most likely find my name next to the definition. (Okay, maybe not actually. But it might as well be.)

I know how horrible it is for your skin to keep reusing dirty makeup brushes, but gathering all my brushes to clean them on a weekly basis seems like so much work. Aside from rounding up my plethora of brushes from three different makeup bags, I’ll need the right cleansing mix (a concoction I create made of equal parts shampoo and hand soap) — and then there’s the individual hand-rinsing of each brush. (FYI: it doesn't even really get all of the product out.) Ughhh. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I’ve tried several gadgets to make this process easier, including a brush cleaning mat. However, everything I tried seemed to add an extra step, or made more of a mess in my tiny New York City bathroom sink. That is, until I came across the SigMagic Scrub by Sigma.

What exactly is a SigMagic Scrub, you may ask? In short, it's a brush-cleaning tool. It's an adorable palm-sized, textured silicone brush, that actually has a solid antimicrobial coconut oil cleanser built right into it. The white cleanser is layered into the hot pink silicone brush, allowing its bristles to poke through. A cleaning tool that already has a cleanser inside of it? This was certainly a first in my book, so as soon as laid eyes on it, I knew I just had to try it.

At first, I was a bit skeptical that this hot pink gadget would have enough power to clean all of my makeup brushes, but boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. Thanks to the placement of small suction cups at the bottom of its packaging, the SigMagic Scrub easily adhered to the side of my sink. Once I securely placed the tool, I put it to the test with my bronzer brush. After wetting the bronzer brush, I gently rubbed it against the bristles in a circular motion. Instantly, the powerful cleanser came into action creating a foamy lather, which quickly turned brown as tons of old product residue began to spew out. Yuck! Since this particular makeup brush has beige/brown bristles, it’s hard to tell how dirty it is by just looking at it, so I was beyond grossed out to see all of this gunk coming out of it. And to think, I had been using that brush almost every single day! My poor skin.

I knew my brush was completely clean when the lather returned to a bubbly white foam, and that only took a few seconds. Never have I ever been able to thoroughly clean my brushes so quickly! And the best part was the cleanup: Once I was done, all I had to do was rinse the cleanser under a bit of warm water, shake off the excess, and put its vented lid back on. 

Honestly, never in a million years would I have ever thought I would say this, but cleaning my brushes has actually become fun thanks to this little tool. It literally is life changing — especially if you’re as lazy as me when it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes. There is just something so satisfying about watching all of that gunk come right off in seconds — and most importantly it is SO easy to use.

Guess who has a drawer-full of clean brushes now, and will never neglect her brushes again?

Sigma SigMagic Scrub

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