Rhom Season 6 Kiki Barth

Kiki Barth

Kiki Barth is a mom, fashion model and philanthropist. She has walked the runway for the most influential designers, graced the covers and inside pages of major magazines and represented some of the most recognized brands in the world.  
This mother of two is a proud Haitian born in the small town of Saint Marc and brought to the United States by her father at the age of 13 to begin a new life. After over a decade of hard work and following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, she was finally able to reunite with her mother and bring her to the States. Because of her humble beginnings, Kiki is beyond grateful for the life she now enjoys with her mother, father and children so close together. She maintains a stellar sense of humor with wit that often catches people off guard.
Kiki is excited to share her life and experiences with the world and hopes to use her platform to bring awareness to the struggles in Haiti and help empower the people of her country to make positive changes.