Darnell Robinson

Born into hip hop royalty, artist and producer Darnell Roy is the grandson of the legendary Sylvia Robinson, who founded Sugarhill Records. Darnell fell in love with music and began recording songs as a child at the Sugarhill studio. He received his first taste of stardom as one of the first African American teenagers to be featured on the MTV hit show, My Super Sweet 16. Darnell went on to participate in the Scream Tour alongside popular artists such as Bow Wow, Omarion, and Chris Brown, and discovered that being in the public eye at such a young age was no longer what he wanted. Without hesitation, Darnell stepped back from the limelight just as his career was taking off to enroll in school in Atlanta, Georgia. While concentrating in audio engineering, he began to focus on the next chapter of his career and chart new territory. Still in pursuit of continuing his family's monumental legacy, Darnell made his way back to his native New Jersey, and used his knowledge of the music business to help guide the careers of fellow artists who want to make it to the top. Darnell has recently decided to also reassert himself as an artist and is working on building the blueprint for what he hopes will be a legendary career.