Somaya Reece

Somaya Reece was raised as a first-generation American in the infamous city of South Central Los Angeles, California by her migrant parents form El Salvador. While working as a maid with her mother, Somaya was discovered and brought in to meet with William Morris agents. Soon after, she immediately landed leading comedic roles in over 45 national commercials, and went on to have various speaking roles in scripted films and television shows. No stranger to the spotlight, Somaya started out her reality television career on Love and Hip Hop New York, which brought in over 11 million weekly viewers, and after three seasons she moved onto starring in the hit series Famously Single on E!. Her music has also hit number one on top ranked music charts, leading her to headline tours across Latin America. She has been able to continuously hold that spot alongside many of today's popular artists as an independent artist. In Somaya's free time, she enjoys connecting with her fans through social media, working on her four part business and health book series (including children's books), and running her multi-million dollar fitness brand, which includes all natural weight loss products such as the well-known tea-tox phenomenon, the Get Slim Detox Tea. Most recently, Somaya has partnered with her girlfriend Lady Luck to launch a joint record label and television/film production venture, "La Rosa Ent" and "The Greatest Entertainment." Somaya has become a successful actress, artist, and entrepreneur, and one can only guess what she will take on next.