Leland Robinson, Jr.

Leland Robinson Jr. grew up in Englewood, NJ where he was fortunate enough to not only be raised by his parents, but also his grandmother, "The Mother of Hip-Hop", Sylvia Robinson. Leland Jr.'s father and two uncles instilled a sense of entrepreneurship in him at an early age, which has inspired him throughout his life to always take on new opportunities. Leland Jr. started working at Sugarhill Records in 2012 and has been involved in multiple facets of the family business ever since. Always one to pursue his dreams, he doesn't let minor things bother him in order to focus on the bigger picture at play. In Leland Jr.'s free time he loves trying out exciting restaurants, watching new films, and going out with friends and family. Still currently residing in Englewood, Leland Jr. is exploring the craft of DJ'ing while continuing to help expand the Sugarhill brand.