0004 Dayoung

Dayoung Kim

Portland, OR

Age: 37

Born in Seoul, Korea, Dayoung Kim started her vast cultural journey at a young age. With her parents’ encouragement, she moved to India at age 14 and attended a high school there which broadened her world view and design aesthetic. She then attended The Academy of Art University in San Francisco for her Fashion major and then continued her education at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul. While in college, Dayoung also completed an internship in Milan, Italy that further developed her skills. After college, she competed in and won the Korean show “Project Next Designer,” and was awarded as an Emerging Designer of 2008 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. She continued to travel until ultimately settling down in Portland and launching her line MOIRAI in 2016. Her ready-to-wear line is carefully crafted to feel harmonious, effortless, and timeless, while enhancing the beauty and character of her customer. She keeps in mind subtlety and nuance when designing, and focuses on creating a sculpture with soft materials. She describes her style as sophisticated, with balanced elements of feminine and masculine design with alluring details, and her proudest moments are when a customer falls in love with her clothes. Dayoung hopes to one day be a part of New York, London, or Milan Fashion Week.