Destin Jude Pfaff

COO of the Millionaire's Club and co-star of Bravo’s hit docu-series The Millionaire Matchmaker, Destin Pfaff has a 95 percent success rate. He is the creator of the Club's Luxury Service division and is in charge of Date Coaching, Mental Makeovers, and Personal Consultations.

Outside of the television series, Pfaff and Stanger have partnered in numerous film, literary, and television endeavors including co-hosting a radio show, co-authoring the book Mancatcher Meals and writing/producing the Lionsgate released film Married In A Year.

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Destin Pfaff was born in Santa Barbara, California, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue writing, directing, and producing high profile film and television projects. Pfaff is now quickly making his mark in the entertainment industry by writing a number of acclaimed screenplays and producing several films. He is a founder and managing member of the film and television production company Assembly Line LLC (along with Suren M. Seron, Neal Fischer and Kern Saxton). Pfaff's credits include The Disembodied and the Magnolia Pictures/Phase 4 released action-thriller Sushi Girl, which features an all-star cast, including Tony Todd, Mark Hamill, Danny Trejo, Sonny Chiba, and Michael Biehn. He is next slated to direct an untitled horror film.

Destin is married to Rachel Federoff, who also stars on The Millionaire Matchmaker. They are partners in a clothing and jewelry line (DnR Brands) and have a son together, Sin Halo Jude Pfaff.