Liza Sandler

Liza Sandler married her high school sweetheart, who grew up to be a successful hedge fund manager in New York City. He was her first true love, but when they drifted apart she had an affair with a high-powered media figure. The fling ended up in gossip columns, which resulted in the end of their marriage. Now Liza has reached a major turning point in her life as she has to sell her home according to the divorce settlement. Not only is she dealing with an empty nest, but she also must figure out where she will be living to begin the next chapter of her life. Struggling with these adjustments, Liza is leaning on her gal pal Andi, close group of girlfriends and two best friends Pat and Glen now more than ever for support. With the details of her divorce creeping back into the limelight, Liza is trying to put the past behind her and focus on herself and her journey to find love once again.