Susan Doneson

One of the last ladies in the group to be married, Susan Doneson tied the knot to a wealthy bachelor at 30, but after having two children together ended up divorcing him when she realized he wasn’t the prince charming she always dreamed of. The man she truly fell in love with was her high school crush Jonathan, but by the time they reconnected, he was on his way to prison on a two-year stint for securities fraud. They dated throughout his incarceration and upon his release, Susan became pregnant with their now 5-year-old son, Ian. While some of Susan’s friends look down on her and claim she doesn’t fit in, she is the only lady in the group with a long-standing career and prides herself on being a focused business woman who provides for her family. Susan’s opinions are sometimes misconstrued, but she genuinely pushes her friends to better themselves out of love, and is truly looking for acceptance within the group and Long Island social scene.