0012 Shavi

Shavi Lewis

Hillside, NJ

Age: 33

Shavi Lewis has never been a stranger to creativity, growing up with a musician father, a theatrically trained mother, and a family of singers, like the Jackson’s, in Hillside, New Jersey. At seven years old, he desperately wanted an expensive sequined jacket for his choir concert that his grandmother offered to make from scratch. Ever since then, he has been inspired by his seamstress and designer grandmother to create and sew his own garments. This interest evolved, and in high school, he took classes at FIT during his summer breaks, and later, attended Clark Atlanta University for a degree in Fashion Design. While he did not graduate, it is at Clark where he found his style and flair for the dramatics, on which he founded his brand. For the past five years, Shavi has been designing for his own self-titled line of clothing, as well as working as a creative director for an Italian menswear company called Stephen F. He has a classic feminine aesthetic to his luxury womenswear, but still loves to take risks with his designs. His fashions have been seen on Emmy red carpets, in the second season of “Pose” on client Diva Davanna Booker, on celebrities Leah Janae and Cynthia Bailey, and at the Bermuda Fashion Festival.