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Tyler Neasloney

Jersey City, NJ

Age: 29Read more

For Tyler Neasloney, fashion started out as a hobby. When he moved to New York in 2012 from his home state of Wyoming, Tyler began taking fashion more seriously. Immersed in the drag world, he started designing costumes for himself and other prominent drag queens, and teaching himself more advanced sewing techniques with the help of books, YouTube, and insight from his mother. When he is not at his day job, leading events for Ali Forney Center, a non-profit that houses and serves homeless LGBTQ+ youths in New York City, Tyler produces signature weekender bags and designs bespoke looks for a variety of clients under his brand “Tyler Neasloney New York,” which he launched in January 2019. Without formal training or design school, Tyler credits his success to focus, determination, and a competitive spirit. He describes his brand as elegant, polished and timeless; and in the future, he hopes to dress high-end clientele and sell his bag line in luxury stores.