Bethenny: "Strong Relationships Have Arguments!"

Bethenny: "Strong Relationships Have Arguments!"

“People say, 'Just communicate.' That's kind of BS,” she says.

By Lauren Metz

Listen, Bethenny Frankel may have found her dashing prince from Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean happily-ever-after comes without its hiccups.

"[Jason and I] have had strains. We've had major fights," Bryn Casey’s mama confides to Self. We know, B. On this season’s Bethenny Ever After, viewers turned bystanders in some of the couple’s heated don’t-go-there moments. Um, awkward. "When I signed on to do this show, I committed to myself and my fans to be totally honest. You cannot show people only the petals and not the thorns. It's not fair to them."

But the bickering has also allowed Bethenny a clearer look at the big picture. “People say, 'Just communicate.' That's kind of BS,” the sharp-tongue Skinnygirl adds. “To have a strong relationship, you have to argue in a healthy way. Sometimes, you've got to back down. Don't escalate things, and don't bring up unrelated stuff." Dr. Amador, we see you smiling proudly.

Then again, there are other components to a successful marriage. "Like Nike says, Just Do It!” Bethenny advises about getting sex into the schedule. “Figure out the pattern that works for both of you. I'm tired at night, but I'm in a 'place of yes' in the morning if I wake up before Bryn does. Jason loves it anytime, any way he can get it, so he's happy whenever.”

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