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Katie Maloney Is Considering a Big Career Change: “How Do I Get In on This?”

Katie and her Something About Her business partner mused over cashing in on Tom Schwartz's purported "degradation kink."

By Jax Miller
A split of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney.

Katie Maloney and business partner Ariana Madix presented a hilarious scenario on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, should Katie rethink her line of work.

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The Something About Her sandwich shop owners sat with producers following Season 11, Episode 14, where Katie talked about life after love with ex-husband Tom Schwartz. In the episode, Tom put the moves on Katie — despite them divorcing in October 2022 — and though Katie wasn’t quite up for a one-night stand, her laughing it off felt like a sign that both were finding their feet in what Tom called their “post-divorce relationship.”

Ariana, however, wondered if Tom had something of “a degradation kink.”

Does Tom Schwartz have a degradation kink?

"Maybe," Katie responded. "I don't know."

She added that degradation kinks  — a sexual practice in when a person gets off on being insulted and belittled — probably aren't all that uncommon, especially on particular websites.

Ariana Madix Katie Maloney Hp

“There’s girls on OnlyFans who like that. Like, they have clients that just want people to be mean to them,” Katie acknowledged. “How do I get in on this? I would be so f-cking rich.”

Ariana imagined out loud a scenario where Katie could go incognito on OnlyFans and garner just one customer, and it would unknowingly be Tom. Likewise, Tom would be unaware that the woman inflicting the welcome abuse would actually be Katie.

"I feel like he's into it," teased Ariana.

It was enough of an image to make Katie and Ariana erupt in laughter.

Did Katie and Tom hook up after their divorce?

In the recent episode, Tom proposed that he and Katie have a “one-night stand,” and though Katie visibly found amusement in the request, it didn’t pass Go.

A split of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney.

“Hear me out,” Tom told her. “We’re gonna order $150 minimum junk food. We’re gonna scroll aimlessly, and we’re not gonna talk at all, just like we used to. That’s our thing.”

Sitting with Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor, Tom said on the After Show that his “favorite” pastime with Katie was doing “sweet nothing.”


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“That is, like, too intimate,” Katie told producers in the After Show. “We may as well just f-ck because we never did that. That would have been out of the norm of our relationship.”

Tom cited his recent Mel’s Diner lunch with Katie and breaking new ground as a divorced couple "kind of everything I hoped for," bearing in mind that both are dating the same woman. He wished to see a loving and caring relationship with Katie ahead, even if it's “delightfully passive-aggressive.”

If anything pointed to a possible degradation kink, it was Tom confessing he wouldn’t mind some “cheeky, subtle roasts” from his former wife.

“I think that’s Katie’s way of saying that, ‘I love you, but you also kind of drive me crazy,’” Tom continued. “And I’m like, ‘You drive me crazy, too, but I love you, too.’

Unfortunately, at least for Tom, Katie was uninterested in hooking up one last time.

“All the guys want to lay next to me and scroll,” Katie quipped.

Tom’s post-divorce relationship goals

“I’ve always respected and appreciated old couples who have been apart for 10 years, and they hang out, you know? They’re still friends, they take little jabs here and there … but sometimes her jabs aren’t so little,” Tom said.

He added that Katie sometimes went for “the knockout punch.”

Even Sandoval said he was “bothered” by how Katie always seemed to “neg” Tom, and Jax said he couldn’t forget when Katie told Tom at BravoCon 2023 that he looked “like a couch.”

“I think on some level it’s performing for an audience,” Tom said in his ex’s defense. “It’s just a facetious thing, man. That’s what divorced couples do, right?”

Ariana, earlier in the After Show, said she believed Tom still had feelings for Katie.

“He has such a crush on you; it’s so weird,” Ariana made Katie laugh. “I mean, it’s not weird, it’s understandable, but it’s like, man…”

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