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The Daily Dish Flipping Out

Jenni Pulos Reveals Where She's at in Her Pregnancy Journey Today

"It was difficult to share those emotions," the #FlippingOut mom said of talking about her fertility issues.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Jenni Pulos Reveals Why She Opened Up About Her Pregnancy Journey

Jenni Pulos often brings the laughs on Flipping Out, but this season she brought the tears too as she shared her struggles to have a second child with her husband Jonathan Nassos. Early on in the season, Jenni revealed that she and her hubby wished to grow their family, but they had been unsuccessful after she experienced several miscarriages. After trying IUI, Jenni planned on undergoing IVF, but following her egg retrieval, she received the heartbreaking news from her doctor that her eggs were not viable, as we saw in Thursday night's episode. 

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Of course, it wasn't easy for Jenni, who is mom to 3-year-old Alianna, to share something so intimate with Flipping Out viewers. "I decided to open up about my pregnancy journey because I feel like it often isn't talked about or really talked about. I didn't, myself, know everything about IVF," Jenni told The Daily Dish at the beginning of August (clip above). "It was definitely difficult. It was bittersweet. I wanted to talk about it, but it was private and it was difficult to share those emotions, but much like my walk on Flipping Out, you know, I didn't expect to share the break-up of my first marriage, I never envisioned in a million years I'd get married on the show or share the footage of the birth of Alianna, my daughter, so it kind of seemed like the right thing to do because if I could even help one person out there and say, 'Hey, I've had miscarriages, I've had disappointments, and don't ever give up, even if you're a woman over 40 and medicine is against you and the numbers are against you, miracles surpass medicine.' And I believe that. I believe in something bigger. So I don't want anyone to lose hope that they can't have the desires of their heart."

When Jenni didn't become pregnant after her first attempt at IVF, she decided to see the fertility specialist who helped Jeff Lewis and his partner Gage Edward get pregnant via surrogate, Dr. Daniel A. Potter, who also helped The Real Housewives of Orange County's Meghan King Edmonds get pregnant through IVF. "You have to trust your gut and get with somebody that's gonna champion you. To be very honest, that didn't happen the first time around for me, so I knew I had to make a change, which in a way was a little more difficult, because I had to start all over with records and everything else," Jenni explained. "But as soon as I walked in to Dr. Potter's office, I felt this man will leave no stone unturned and he will champion me to the end and he will be specific. He's the Jeff Lewis, I think, of IVF." 

Jenni Pulos Will Not Give Up After IVF Failure

When The Daily Dish spoke to Jenni in early August, she said she was just about to embark on her second round of IVF. "I think I will have another baby, I hope. And whatever way that comes. I'm optimistic for the chance," Jenni said. "I appreciate everybody's support. I've had so much of it from the Bravo audience and obviously people I don't know, and I am so grateful for that." 

However, Jenni said that there is a part of her that is prepared for the worst-case scenario. "I am so positive, and I'm also at a point where I wasn't even about that six months ago, maybe, where I've surrendered a little bit, too," she explained. "And I think if we can all get to that place in our life with certain things, it will free us. It will set us free. So yes, I'm optimistic, absolutely, but I also have surrendered to what a beautiful life I have and how lucky I am and if this isn't God's plan for me, if this isn't what should be, then it won't be, and that's OK, too. But I'm a fighter. I'm not gonna give up on bringing a sibling for my little girl. That's what I would hope for." 

Jeff and Gage, who are expecting their first child via surrogate this fall, have also been open about their struggle to start a family on Flipping Out, which included years of trying to adopt. Jenni said their experience in this area helped her get through this difficult time. "Jeff and Gage have been incredibly supportive, you know, they went through the process before me. When I was going through everything, they knew kind of what my chances were. They were some of the most supportive people of everybody, and they still are. They say, 'You're gonna do this. You can do this,'" Jenni gushed. "I don't think they'll ever know what that's meant to me, despite all of our dysfunctional family, they have been there for me through this and supportive and really my champions."

Jenni Pulos Opens Up About Her Miscarriages

In fact, the Flipping Out couple's ultimate success in getting pregnant after many failed attempts to grow their family is one of the things that has inspired Jenni to keep trying herself. "They had a lot of disappointments, from the fost-adopt, I mean, you name it, and they did not give up, and this was supposed to be their road. It was a hard road and a lot of time and energy and finances, but they're here," Jenni said. "My friend in the show this year, Kelly, she did IVF five times, maybe four IUIs, and she just had twins, a boy and a girl. I just look at her, and I'm just so proud because it was so difficult, and she did not give up. And she's having the most joyous time of her life. So I say that to everybody out there that is considering moving forward, if they're having difficulties, just go for it." 

One thing that has helped Jenni move forward after her miscarriages is the belief that souls come in and out of people's lives for a reason. The Flipping Out mom said she doesn't know how long she'll keep trying to get pregnant. "There isn't a specific plan on when we would say, 'OK, we're not gonna try anymore,' but that'll come with time, I think. Will I be 73 and still trying? Maybe? But maybe not. Maybe not," Jenni joked. "But we would always be so open, and even if we were to have another baby, think about adoption, too. And so there are so many roads and avenues and ways. So one day at a time, girl. One day at a time."

Find out how Jenni is getting ready for the arrival of Jeff and Gage's baby girl, below. 

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