Take a Peek at Bethenny's 'Skinnydipping'

Take a Peek at Bethenny's 'Skinnydipping'

"People will devour it like a decadent box of chocolates!" she promises.

By Lauren Metz

Bethenny Frankel’s offering up the skinny on her debut novel, Skinnydipping. “This was by far the most inspiring and passionate project that I have worked on in my career. It felt like the book was writing itself," the world’s best multi-tasker spills to UsWeekly.

Bethenny’s dive into fiction centers on Faith Brightstone (and her dog Muffin!) who starts out in L.A. with stars in her eyes and ends up in New York struggling to find her place. Sound vaguely familiar? Part of the book’s guilty pleasure appeal is that you don’t know which chapters are drawn from Bethenny’s imagination and which are rooted in real-life experiences. “People will devour it like a decadent box of chocolates!" the Bethenny Ever After star promises the magazine.

Go ahead and see for yourself over at The Hollywood Reporter; Bethenny shared a four-page peek at the prologue to the book, which releases May 1 and is dedicated “to our imagination. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to travel to places we never thought we could go, to dream about things that we never thought we could do, and to feel the feeling of pure freedom. Let your imagination run wild. It may take you somewhere so incredible that you can hardly believe it is true.”

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