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You'll Never Believe What the RHOM OGs and Rookies Revealed About the Season 4 Reunion (UPDATED)

The RHOM ladies preview what it was like to hash out their drama and sit down with Andy Cohen, as well as share some behind-the-scenes moments.

By Jocelyn Vena
Daily Dish Rhom Season 4 Reunion

UPDATED  (June 23, 8:35 A.M.): The Bravo encore run of Season 4 of Peacock's The Real Housewives of Miami will continue with Parts 1 and 2 of this season's reunion, which will air back-to-back on Tuesday, June 28 beginning at a special time at 7/6c.

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The Real Housewives of Miami's Season 4 reunion is almost here! Part 1 begins streaming on Peacock on March 3 and, ahead of the premiere, the cast is previewing all the juicy details to Bravo Insider.

Shortly after filming the sit-down, Bravo Insider spoke to OGs Alexia EchevarriaLisa Hochstein, and Marysol Patton, as well as rookies Dr. Nicole Martin, Guerdy Abraira, and Julia Lemigova, all of whom didn't hold back when it came to sharing all about what went down on the reunion stage.

So, if you need a few teases of the revelations on the reunion set, which host Andy Cohen previously described in a Bravo Insider exclusive video (below) as "a simulation of the Versace mansion," well, we have all the intel from the women themselves.

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Below, the stylish RHOM ladies spill the tea ahead of the two-part Season 4 reunion, and you won't want to miss any of what they divulge.

Lisa Hocstein

Bravo Insider Rhom Reunion Looks Lisa Hochstein

Reunion status: OG

"[Andy is] kind of the same, I would say. I mean the sets are very impressive [now] [laughs]. All the sets have really come a long way," she said of filming the reunion today versus back in the day. "It actually didn't feel as long as I expected. I felt like it went fairly quick. I expected it to feel longer and more grueling. But it wasn't as bad as I thought."

But she noted there is something that feels different all these years later and that's all the chatter happening going into the reunion on social media "because you have to relive the reunion and people's opinions and comments more than ever with social media... Eight years ago, you know, it was just like a few blogs [laughs].

Alexia Echevarria

Bravo Insider Rhom Reunion Looks Alexia Echevarria

Reunion status: OG

"I found it very different, and I'll tell you why. I was very scared and nervous," she said, comparing it to her previous reunion experiences and noting that she was not only nervous because of the stuff happening in her life today but also because of how long it's been since the last reunion. "We haven't been there in eight years, but I love that Andy really focused on, like, our [lives]. He's like, 'You know, you girls have such strong [things happening in your lives] this season, and [the] girls are back.'"

Alexia went on to reveal that the women really discussed the events they experienced this past season and had genuine conversations about it. "I found that there was, like, no fighting because that's not what it has to be, you know? What I'm trying to say is that sometimes you can get your point across without having a fight," she said. "We're grown-up women. We've all, like, gone through all these things together, and at the end, you know, we're still, like, standing strong and we're all friends. That's what I got out of it. At the end, we're all women that have gone through all these things in our [lives], and we're still standing and we're stronger than ever and we're all together 'cause we're all in a good place."

Still, did anything surprise Alexia? "Not really. Surprise me, no," she said. "You know, I'm a veteran at this, so nothing surprises me."

Dr. Nicole Martin

Bravo Insider Rhom Reunion Looks Nicole Martin

Reunion status: Rookie

"It was a ton of anticipation and the nerves and anxiousness going into it because it was my first reunion," she said of her first-ever sit-down, which she noted was "exhausting." "And I had no idea what to expect. Then it's just a long day. I think I was up at 5 [o'clock] in the morning and then I was at the studio by 6:30 [a.m.]. And we wrapped up at almost 7:30 [p.m.], 8 o'clock at night. It was just a long day and you're emotional, and you're recapping the entire season. It was just exhausting [laughs]."

While it was Nicole's first time on the couches, she wasn't necessarily shocked by what was shared, even if she did find herself in the middle of some drama. "No. I wouldn't say it was shocking, to be honest, because we already knew who had issues during the season. I guess the thing I was most surprised about was how upset some of the women were that I didn't call them personally to tell them about my engagement. I didn't think that was gonna be an issue. I mean, Alexia went and got married. We were all supposed to go to her wedding, and she eloped, went and got married in St. Barths, and none of us knew. So I just thought that was the way this group rolled. I thought we were just going for shock factor. I'm not sure."

Guerdy Abraira

Guerdy Rhom S4 Reunion

Reunion status: Rookie

"Well, initially, I was very afraid, very afraid, and then when I got there, I felt some kind of calm come over me, like, 'Girl, you got this,' because I will clap back in three seconds if anybody even dares come for my charity, or my husband, or whatever. I tried to come with good vibes only, and I ended up leaving with them," Guerdy said. "But let me tell you, that reunion is going to be epic just because there's lots of theatrical moments that happen, funny as hell [moments], and [moments] that are cringeworthy, and there's a lot of back-and-forth, is what I call it. And everyone has an opinion. So, you're going to have to definitely wait for that one. It's intense."

Guerdy also shared what it was like seeing Andy in reunion mode for the first time. "That energy. He has such an energy about him, and he's about his business. Like, when he sat on that chair and he said, 'OK, ready to roll,' I'm like, 'Ooh, that's my twin.' When I'm ready, I'm walking to my desk, I own that space, and he owns that stage. And let me tell you, the questions just kept coming, and for some ladies, not everyone, put it this way, not everyone walked out happy, not everyone walked out smiling," she said. "That's for sure."

So, how did Guerdy feel at the end of the day? "Yeah, little bumps and bruises, but, you know, she made it through. She stuck the landing," she explained, with a laugh.

Marysol Patton

Bravo Insider Rhom Reunion Looks Marysol Patton

Reunion status: OG

"It was a beautiful set. Listen, it was a far cry from our original set at Watch What Happens Live on the stage with Andy. I think we got the grown-up set [laughs]," she shared about the evolution of the RHOM reunions.

Marysol also shared a bit about what it was like to watch Andy in his element these days: "Everyone looked really good. Andy perfected his moderation skills. He knows how to hold court, big time. He’s really like, 'OK, let’s keep it moving. Keep it moving.' You know? He’s good."

She noted that she didn't do much to prepare for the sit-down, even after several years away from that kind of event. "No [laughs]. Nothing, I just figure I’ll speak the truth, and that’ll be that," Marysol said. "I just felt like honesty’s the best policy, right?"

Though, she said that it did get emotional. "I think everyone seemed very well-read on what they knew they would probably touch upon. And so, they gave really intelligent answers. You know, it wasn’t all emotional and screaming, like in the old days. It was more like people speaking with intelligence, is what I felt. There was a very emotional, a very, very emotional moment with one of the girls," she recalled. "And I, I really wasn’t expecting that. It was hard."

She then went on to explain a bit more about the moment. "It was harder for the girl, because she’s the one that actually has to come back from the emotional moment. I usually just stop listening to whatever’s going on around me and say cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel. And then, you know, I dry up and I get back into character. You know, you have to, like, shut your brain down," Marysol said. "You have to. "

Julia Lemigova:

Bravo Insider Rhom Reunion Looks Julia Lemigova

Reunion status: Rookie

"When things happen to you for the first time, it's always memorable," she said. "I never watched, even though I was supposed to have watched some other reunions, I decided not to because I didn't want to get their influences or imagine how it would be because I didn't want to spoil my surprise. So that really was for the first time. And I can tell you, it was fiery. It was fun. Some things got resolved, some kind of dot, dot, dot, which is fun and cool. We'll see what happens," she said. "And, overall, it was just, like, I'll say the best reunion of my life because it was the first one. And it was fun."

Julia went on to explain why she decided to not view any reunions to even get a taste of the experience before sitting down on the couches for the first time. "If I had watched another one, I would have gotten influenced by somebody else or inspired by somebody else, but I just wanted to be me [one] hundred percent and watch [the] other women, listen to Andy, and see for myself for the first time. This [is] one of a kind, first time," she explained. "And I did it. So I was like, ooh, reunion virgin. So, I love it."

You can check out Lisa, Alexia, Nicole. Guerdy, Julia, and Marysol, as well as Larsa Pippen and Adriana de Moura break it all down during the two-part RHOM Season 4 reunion. Part 1 of the reunion begins streaming on Peacock on March 3, followed by Part 2 on March 10.

Daily Dish Rhom Reunion

New episodes of RHOM are available on Thursdays exclusively on Peacock, where fans can also catch up on Seasons 1 through 3.

— Additional reporting by Laura Rosenfeld

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