Why is Channing Tatum Mad at Our Bethenny?

Why is Channing Tatum Mad at Our Bethenny?

Because she outed him. Sorta. Oops!

By Lauren Metz


Even with that Forbes cover under her belt, Bethenny Frankel claims she’s still just an amateur at the fame game, thanks to a bad case of Twitter diarrhea. 

"Well I was on a flight with [Channing Tatum],” B recounts on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “Before I got on the plane, I was all starstruck. I forget that I am on TV and that if I tweet people are going to see it.” About 800,000-plus of them, Bethenny, but who’s counting? Go on. 

“So I was like, ‘That good-looking guy who knows how to dance is on my flight,’” Mrs. Hoppy continues. “I didn’t realize I’d be seated two seats away from him.” Zac Efron? No. Justin Timberlake? Negative. “Everybody said Channing Tatum,” the Skinnygirl says, and then it hit her. “He’s reading these things! He knows!” 

B’s initial reaction was to hide under the seat and sip Chardonnay, but she eventually mustered up the courage to make nice with Channing’s wife, actress Jenna Dewan. But then they landed and it was a paparazzi frenzy. Her bad, Chan. To make up for the Celebrity 101 slip, B sent a case of booze to the Dewan-Tatum casa and now knows, “It’s a rule; I don't think you're supposed to out other celebrities on planes.”  

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