Carla Hall Told This Celebrity Chef About Her Extreme Crush... And She "Scared Him"

Carla Hall Told This Celebrity Chef About Her Extreme Crush... And She "Scared Him"

Who did she say "hootie hoo" to, exactly?

By Tamara Palmer

Carla Hall has never been shy about her celebrity chef crush. But things got a little... awkward... when she told him right to his face.

"Everybody knows that one of my celebrity food crushes is Jamie Oliver, I'm very vocal about that," she told The Feast.

But one day, the Top Chef alum actually got to tell him to his lovely face when he appeared as a guest on the show she co-hosts, The Chew.

"You’ll never guess who Carla has a little bit of a crushie crush on," Mediaite wrote of an earlier appearance on The Chew when she didn't share screen time with Jamie. "And by 'little bit,' we mean there may or may not be a question as to whether producers banned her from appearing on camera alongside Jamie because they’re afraid she’ll maul him like a teenage girl with a direct, un-security guard-encumbered line to Justin Bieber."

It didn't go quite exactly as she had fantasized when she finally did appear onscreen with him. She embraced him, professed her love and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, which made him visibly redden.

"I told him and I was so excited that I think I scared him," she admits now. "I was literally bending over him and he was leaning back."

She might have just caught him with a surprise hootie hoo there; let it still be an encouraging example to let the people you love know you love them, even if they may get a little scared.

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